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Love, love, love it! So easy to use and nails look fantastic!

—Diane C.

My nails are now longer, stronger and more beautiful than they have ever been. I love this product!!!!!

—Marilynn W.

I LOVE KNOCKOUT NAILS! With an 18 month old running around, I can do my nails in less than 15 minutes. When I'm done, my nails look as if I had just walked out of the salon. Not to mention, I clean houses in my spare time and using different cleaners left my nails weak and cracked. Now, with KNOCKOUT NAILS, my nails are hard and growing in length and look great after cleaning houses. Thank you!!!!

—Amanda G.

Knockout Nails has done miraculous things for my nails! They used to peel, crack, and break off—now my nails are strong and beautiful. I thrive on the compliments. If you use your hands a lot, but still want gorgeous nails—you MUST try this product. It will change your life- I guarantee it!

—Adrienne G.

I did my nails and I love it. I was kind of in a hurry when I did it and was concerned that I might mess it up but everything dried great and even though I went to bed right after doing it, I didn't wake up with any of the usual hair marks and creases that I normally get if I do my nails late in the evening. I like it much better than the acrylic nails I've had done in salons in the past because it makes your nails hard without making them so thick that you can't actually use them for things like opening pop cans, etc. I highly recommend the product.

—Dawn O.

I love Knockout Nails . I have nails that break so easy , and have tried everything nothing has worked for one it would not stay on , but maybe a day or two . Thats why I love Knockout Nails . I could not belive how it stayed on , and how it made my nails look they looked like glass . I thought there is no way it will stay like this . Not on on my nails. I always have my hands in water doing dishes... , and when I don't have them in water I am with my animals as in horses ,dogs , pig , and ect...Any way you get what I am saying I am very hard on my nails . Knockout Nails stood up to all of this , and looked the same after two weeks as they did the day I did them like glass . If your nails are like mine you will love Knockout Nails .

—Rhonda S.

As an artist I am always getting my hands dirty and breaking my nails. KON is the perfect at home, no chip, nail solution for me- AND I can change my nail color as often as I want! I LOVE KNOCK OUT NAILS!

—Josalyn R.

As an RN it is hard for me to keep my nails the length I like. Knockout Nails keeps my nails looking clean, healthy and the perfect length! My nails grow the fastest they every have and I don't even use color polish, just the shine from KON!!! Love it!

—Denise W.

Knockout Nails is a great product and it's nice to be able to do my nails at home when it's convenient for me.

—Marilyn D.

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