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Knockout Nails Questions & Answers

The First Professional UV Nail Hardening System You Can Use at Home!

Q: Is exposure to UV light harmful to the skin?

A: No, with each application of Hardener, you are exposed to the same amount of UV light as you receive when you walk to your car on a sunny day.

Q: How does Knockout Nails compare to similar products used in salons?

A: Knockout Nails is specially formulated to be a permanent coating, so there is no need for harsh chemicals. The removal chemicals used in salons, such as acetone, are toxic and will dry out and damage your natural nail.

Q: How long do you have to keep your hands in the UV lamp?

A: The Hardener dries completely within 2 minutes in the UV light.

Q: How long does each application last?

A: Each application will last two to three weeks

Q: How do I use the Knockout Nails Professional UV Nail Hardening System?

A: It's easy. Download a pdf of the instructions.

Q: What is included in the kit?

A: Knockout Nails UV Lamp, Nail Cleaner, Bonder, Nail Hardener, 3 Orangewood Sticks and 3 Files (File, Smooth, Remove)

Q: What does the Cleaner do?

A: The cleaner removes traces of oil and dust from the nail surface

Q: What does the Bonder do?

A: The Bonder helps the Hardener adhere to the nail

Q: How long does it take the bonder to dry?

A: Bonder air dries in 30 seconds

Q: How long will the kit last?

A: 1 year based on one application every two weeks

Q: Can you use the system on your toes?

A: Definitely

Q: Do you need to replace the light bulbs?

A: No, the bulbs will last over 100 hours (over 25 years when used twice a month)

Q: How long does the process take from beginning to end?

A: 15-20 minutes

Q: Why do you use the cleaner again when you are finished?

A: As the hardener dries, some of the special adhesive rises to the surface and must be removed to reveal the high gloss finish.

Q: Can you apply color polish over the Nail Hardener?

A: Yes, your color polish will last longer when applying it over Knockout Nails and when you remove the color polish, you will still have perfect shiny Knockout Nails.

Q: How much will it cost to buy additional bottles/refills?

A: The Refill Kit with Cleaner, Bonder, Hardener, 24 Lint Free Pads, 3 Orangewood Sticks and 3 Nail Files is just $60.00.

Q: How do I contact you if I have any problems?

A: Visit us at or call 1-859-369-5994

Q: I have deep ridges in my nails. Will Knockout Nails do anything for this?

A: Yes! Knockout Nails will fill in the ridges to make your nails much smoother.

Q: I have acrylics on my nails. Can I use Knockout Nails with my acrylics?

A: Knockout Nails is meant to be a natural nail option. You can soak off your acrylic and begin using Knockout Nails so you can have beautiful natural nails.

Q: My husband wants to use Knockout Nails but he doesn’t want anyone to know he has it on.

A: That’s fine, he can use the Knockout Nails Smoother File to remove the high gloss shine.

Q: My Hardener started to lift near my cuticles. Why is this happening?

A: If your hands are constantly in water, your Hardener may begin to loosen from the nail. Water makes your nail plate swell up causing the Hardener to lift. It is very easy to fix. Smooth the nail with the Nail Smoother, then use the Cleaner on the surface of the nail. Apply Bonder to the area that is lifting. Be sure to allow the Bonder to get between the nail and the lifting Hardener. Allow bonder to dry for 30 seconds. Now apply a thin coat of Hardener, cure for 2 minutes and then use the Cleaner to remove the sticky layer.

Q: I have placed my hands in the lamp for 15 minutes and the polish is still sticky!

A: As long as all the light stays on for a full two minutes, your hardener is dry. All you need to do it use the Cleaner to remove the sticky layer.

Q: How can I order more Knockout Nails?

A: Go to or call 1-855-855-8770

Q: What is your Return Policy?

A: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Q: How do I contact you?

A: Knockout Nails
620 Hubbard Road
Manchester, KY 40962

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